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Revealing The Complete Picture

3 decades of lab testing has taught me ‘the easier the test, the faster the client will get it done’. With more than a dozen functional labs out there we literally have hundreds of tests to choose from, to learn whats going on in YOUR BODY!

Mechanics look under the hood of your car to diagnose the problems, Orthopedics take X rays to diagnose problems and Functional Medicine Practitioners run labs that are diagnostic in nature.

Most of the blood tests your allopathic (traditional) doctor runs, only give a little information that things are ‘out of balance’. They don’t tell us WHY or WHAT is the problem. For that, we can run a variety of tests: pee, poop, saliva, blood, hair and more. For years I ran an expensive test that required a blood draw (appointment) and a fasting state. These two factors were definitely a barrier so a lot of people never did get this helpful data about their body.

Our lab testing middleman has created a way for YOU to order ANY of the tests we offer. I will provide you the link below and you are welcome to order ANY test you feel called to. Before I provide that, I’d like to offer that urine tests are the SIMPLEST HEALTH SOLUTIONS for lab testing – they are easy to do and most people complete them right away – so I do recommend the OAT test. Otherwise, please take a look at this link and select whichever one you are interested in:


A few experts at Stanford recently released a super kool and easy blood test that I am already a fan of using. A little device goes on your shoulder with a pinprick I didn’t even feel and it collects blood. You send if off in the box the same day via prepaid Fed Exp and a couple weeks later you receive your results of hundreds of factors, both informative and diagnostic. Love the ease of use for this test and my results were exactly what I already knew about my body, so they were spot on!!!

We have kits in our office and/or you can click here and order one yourself.


OAT Test

The organic acids test (OAT) has long been used to analyze gut microbe imbalances, including bacteria, candida, fungus and mold. This simple test is a game changer for significant diagnosing for mitochondrial function, nervous system, clostridia, gut, skin, energy and autism disorders and treatment plans.

This test has already helped dozens of people recover from significant health problems.


Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones (DUTCH)

This test is so easy to complete and gives us a picture of your hormone profile. Estrogen, Testosterone, Progesterone, Pregnanalone,

The DUTCH Plus is a comprehensive dried urine and saliva test that maximizes the available information from sex and adrenal hormone production and metabolism. With easy, at-home sample collection over the course of one day, providers can gain insights into the overall diurnal pattern of free cortisol and cortisone, along with the total distribution of cortisol metabolites. This test offers further insight by including organic acid testing, which evaluates potential nutritional deficiencies, oxidative stress, gut dysbiosis, melatonin levels, and neuroinflammation

With the DUTCH Plus, providers also get a closer look into adrenal function with details about a patient’s cortisol awakening response (CAR) by showing cortisol’s natural rise and fall within the first hour of waking.


Personal Blood Profile

Learn how to critically look at your bloodwork to better understand your health! If you’ve got a handful of results and no idea how to interpret them, this is for you! With this report, we are empowering YOU to take your results and your health into your own hands! Most of your allopathic doctors do not track your results from year to year. Most of them don’t tell you what it means when some things are ‘out of range’. Most medical labs use HUGE ranges, so you can’t really know if something is off in your body when the healthy result is for example 1 to 5000. We use optimal ranges so for example the healthy range would be 3 to 25 and hence you’ll know that something is off balance or out of range.

I strongly suggest you download this file to your computer and track your own lab results annually (blood) so you can track, read and learn what might be brewing in your body, and before something has the opportunity to fester, you can eradicate a problem!