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Beam Micro Boost


Mineral Supplement and Detoxification Formula

Micro-BOOST™️ is our premium formula designed to give your body’s cellular system micronutrient and detoxification support. Micro-BOOST™️ is 100% bioavailable and provides naturally occurring micronutrients, trace elements, phytonutrients, amino acids and vitamins that can be immediately utilized by the body.

We made Micro-BOOST™️ from humic complexes that are a naturally occurring result of ancient, decomposed, fresh-water plants. Humic complexes are rich in micronutrients and are the champion of antioxidants. This complex formula flushes out free radicals and bio-waste. It’s a detoxification like no other and it tastes really great.

*Recommended Daily Amount: 

1 fl oz / day

32 fl oz bottle = 1 month supply

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