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Brain, Memory, Mood and Attention Support

Imagine getting smarter as you drink coffee. Our Cognitropic is not just Coffee, it’s coffee with powers! 

We made it as amazing tasting coffee enriched with super nutrients for clear thinking, focus and clarity. This advanced brain support formula is a rich blend of an emerging class of patent pending botanical compounds scientifically formulated to target and boost cerebral performance. There is no coffee in these capsules and they’re actually healthier than coffee!

Cognitropic Boosts;

  • Mental Focus 
  • Attention
  • Working memory
  • Recall and Recognition

Research has shown that the super ingredients contained in Cognitropic may significantly promote Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factors (BDNF) levels, clinically supporting the cognitive functions specific to the ability to learn, manage information, focus and react. 

Use Cognitropic today for a super brain!

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