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Colostrum-IgG‚™ Caps


Immune and Stamina Support

Colostrum-IgGTM comes packed with bovine colostrum and a whole host of naturally occurring immunoglobulins that effectively support your immune health. 

We made Colostrum from highly nutritious, high quality, fresh dairy milk with low heat processing. Our milk is obtained from a select group of dairy farmers dedicated to producing quality colostrum.

We verify the purity of our colostrum through the examination and screening of inorganic materials. 

Research has shown that supplementation with bovine colostrum is able to positively modulate immune function. Premier Colostrum is the perfect immune support for your daily routine delivering a broad spectrum of multiple immune support agents, including naturally occurring amino acids, lactoferrin and immunoglobulin G (IgG) – a critical type of antibody of the body’s immune system. 

It’s the perfect solution for your essential immune support.

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