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DIY Vastu and Home EMF Remediation Kit


Vastu Shastra is an Ayurvedic practice that lights up your environment with beautiful positive energies and removes all negative energies around you and that’s exactly what our DIY Vastu EMF Remediation does for you. Using it brings you good vibes of financial abundance and health.

We designed our Vastu just like Feng Shui which uses ancient and proven measures to enhance the positive energy around you. And you can have one for everywhere you go from your home to your office so the good vibes never leave you.

Contents per 1 pack;

  • High energy,
  • Quantum Rocks,
  • Healing Dirt,
  • Step-by-step Directions

*Each kit includes enough product to remediate a corner of the home or approximately 2 rooms. For the bottom floor or a larger home, 2-3 DIY Vastu kits are recommended.

SKU: 5555