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Healthy Bundle


 Immunity Support Products

The healthy bundle is a collection of amazing immune health products selected by Julie E Health herself for you to build a super strong immune health. Each of the products bring an amazing health benefit to your immune system, each of them contributes something significant to your health and together, they give your immune strength a super boost.

This bundle features:

  1. D3 drops: These drops keep your immune system and cardiovascular health strong
  2. Vitamin C: This vitamin provides your body with antioxidants and immune support.
  3. B Complete: This supplement contains 9 active forms of vitamin B essential to your daily body. It supports your brain, mood, liver, and overall energy levels.
  4. Liquid Zinc Ultra: Zinc promotes healthy immune system functions and helps stressed immune systems.
  5. Quercetin: It  keeps your immune system strong and active.
  6. Handout: This downloadable handout will give you directions on what to take to keep your immune system strong. 

If you want to take extra steps in keeping your body strong you can purchase some of these add ons, just click the name to purchase:

  1. NAC: Promotes optimal liver detoxification and respiratory health.
  2. Fermented Mushroom Powder: This mushroom blend is ideal for maximum bioavailability, digestion and absorption.
  3. Pure Black:This extremely fine black powder pulls all toxins out of your body, even lymes, bacteria, heavy metals and chemicals.
  4. CDP Choline: Promote Cognitive Function; promotes working memory, focus, and mental energy.

If you are in need of getting healthy, start with this healthy bundle and get as many add ons as your body needs.

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