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Medi Soak


Skin Cleanser for Soaks

Everyone needs a good soak to pull out the toxins and hydrate the body. I recommend at least one each week. Medi-Soak® brings amazing, natural healing to your soaks. 

Our Medi-Soak® is a premier cleansing formula you can use as a foot soak or a whole body soak. It’s packed with four key, premium sources of sea salt minerals including natural salts from the Mediterranean Sea, the Dead Sea, the Hawaiian Islands and ancient inland seas, in addition to premier quality, organic sea vegetation and organic cloves.

With our advanced formula, Medi-Soak® removes all the waste particles and impurities in your skin and brings you what we like to call the kind of healthy feeling we like to call “quantum-state resonance”. 

We made Medi Soak with absolutely zero added fillers for an all natural feeling. 

When you feel fatigued or tired, use Medi Soak. Just try a 20 minutes soak and see just how amazing you feel.

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