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Perfect Amino Acids With Electrolytes


Enhanced Electrolyte Energy Blend

Our Perfect Amino Acids With Electrolytes bring you all the protein and amino acids you need with an extra side of electrolytes.

We made it full spectrum, so you can get all the Amino acids you need. We also made it delicious, easy to use and easy to digest. It’s a perfectly balanced, easy to use, and absolutely delicious electrolyte drink formula!

We’ve developed PerfectAmino Electrolytes to optimize your hydration. It’s more than just another electrolyte drink, it’s a complete electrolyte with PerfectAmino that provides your body the hydration and perfect protein building boost it needs to stay in the workout, race, and competition longer and recover faster.

Our advanced Perfect Amino Acids plus Electrolytes is enriched and fortified with PerfectAmino to help rebuild muscle and improve endurance. We also made it in  different flavors so you can enjoy the goodness in a variety of tastes. PerfectAmino Electrolytes are available in Orange Slice, Watermelon Zen, Strawberry, and Mixed Berry flavors.

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