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Pink Salt


Hawaiian Volcanic Clay Enriched Natural Salt

Did you know that eating salt can be healthy? Our Pink Salt is made to be that healthy salt you can eat safely without worrying about anything. 

Most Table salts have been treated with chemicals to make it white and non sticky but not our Pink Salt, it’s natural, healthy, true salt. Our Premier Pink Salt helps your digestion, adrenal health, kidneys and even your skin. Use up to a teaspoon every day to improve your digestion and adrenal health.

Our Premier Pink Salt is made from a healthy blend of two premium, untreated, solar-dried sea salts which deliver important trace elements.

The first is hearty sea salt that comes from the cool, blue, unpolluted waters of the Mediterranean Sea using the oldest method of obtaining salt: solar evaporation.

The second premium salt is pink Alaea Hawaiian sea salt. Over the centuries, this gourmet, solar-dried sea salt has been traditionally mixed with health-promoting, pink Alaea clay from the Hawaiian islands, giving the salt a slightly pink color, naturally dense in trace elements. It is known as a sacred health salt by the ancient Hawaiians.

Our Premier Pink Salt contains no “anti-clumping” agents commonly added to regular table salt such as aluminum hydroxide, refined sugar, stearic acid, sodium ferrocyanide, calcium phosphate and other undesirable additives. It’s fresh, natural, true salt.

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