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Q-Disc EMF Sticker For Phones & Devices


Our Q-Disc EMF Sticker protects you from the harmful effects of 5G waves all around you and it’s super small for your comfort!

The new quantum state design, and the unique properties of this sacred geometry shape act as a shield for the new 5G EMFs all around you. These EMFs weaken your body, pull nutrients, antioxidants and electrolytes out, leaving you feeling weak and vulnerable to illness but with this sticker, you are protected.

We styled it for the everyday user so you can put it on your phone, tablet, laptop, routers, smart watches or carry it in your pocket everywhere you go for all-round, all-day protection.

*Those with metal in their body tend to be more vulnerable to EMFs.


1/8 inch


Use for 6g Phones/ Electronics/ tablets/ laptops

SKU: 3247