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Simple Solutions Detox Course


Our Detox Program is unique and unlike many cleansing/detox programs you’ve come across. This is not one of those detox programs where you have to starve yourself for days, with our detox program you’ll still eat 3 meals and have 2 snacks every day. 

The nutrients included prepare you for 14 days worth of detoxing your liver, gallbladder, kidneys, intestines and lymph (aka the entire Assembly Line) and will provide other supportive nutrients to allow you to feel great throughout the process. 

This Simple Solutions Detox 14 day program is our longest running program – since 2010! We tailored this course to include daily reminders and lifestyle habits so you can be healthy everywhere and everyday. We also have a community where you can connect with other amazing people like you looking to live healthy. You can communicate and ask every question you have about detoxing. 

You’ll also get a booklet with specific directions, shopping lists, recipes and FAQ’s, everything to make your experience easy and simple. It’s 2 weeks of amazing healthiness in a friendly, healthy community. Come and join us!

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