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The StretchBall™


Fitness is not all about lifting heavy, you can stretch to health with the StretchBallTM. Not everyone can lift weights but everyone can stretch. Stretching is great for your fitness. When you stretch, you get long, lean and flexible muscles and you are less likely to get complications or pain in all your joints. The StretchBall relieves tension and muscle knot, it feels like an hour of Yoga and massage. Roll in the morning to increase your energy circulation, roll in the evening for amazing, relaxing sleep. Roll on it, Breathe with it, Stretch with it, it feels amazing!


  • Made from the softest vinyl material that conforms to the shape of your body.
  • Deflates for convenient travel
  • Easy to carry design, fits in a purse


  • One StretchBall™
  • Instruction Guide
  • Travel Pump

SKU: 5556