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Turmeric Enriched Liver Support

Turmeric has been traditionally used in cooking simply as a curry spice with numerous health benefits and now we have packed all those benefits into a single bottle! 

Research has shown that turmeric supports liver and gastrointestinal health. Turmeric is known for its high concentration of curcuminoids which has powerful antioxidant capabilities for free radical protection and for liver and digestive health. 

Premier Turmeric features organic, premier quality turmeric in its full spectrum state. Our turmeric raw material is specifically selected due to its superior intrinsic bioenergetic properties as well as meeting our strict laboratory testing requirements. 

We import our turmeric from Ayurvedic botanical growers in India where they have been naturally cultivating this nutritious root for centuries. Additionally, raw turmeric contains beneficial volatile oils. Open a capsule for yourself to smell its rich aromatic, full-bodied aroma. It’s delicious, rich and healthy.

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