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Our advanced XenoStat formula is one of those health solutions you don’t even know you need. Think of XenoStat™ as the best way to keep that double chin or turkey neck away.

The human body stores xeno toxins from the environment, plastics, pharmaceuticals and even dental materials in the area below the chin – the parathyroid.  

If you live in an industrialized city then you are more exposed to Xeno toxins and so it’s a good idea to detox from xenos a few times each year. 

Our advanced formula is enriched with naturally occurring iodine, a mineral that is especially important in thyroid function. Our XenoStat helps you keep your parathyroid, thyroid, ovaries and testes in good health and free from these harmful toxins.  


*NOTE: XenoStat™ provides only natural ingredients and does not have standardized iodine added to it. It is assayed from batch to batch to provide the amount of iodine naturally occurring from its constituents. Please contact your account manager for the most current assay result.

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